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Twitter Chat with Antonio

Last Thursday, March 10th,  SAGA Innovations held its first ever Twitter Chat (#askSAGA) on the topic of our SAGA Fellows Program.  Antonio Gutierrez, our Co-Founder and VP took some time to answer a number of frequently asked questions about the program including what’s involved in high-dosage tutoring and what it…

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SAGA Innovations

Hello, my name is SAGA (Part 1)

Antonio Gutierrez, Co-Founder | SAGA InnovationsMarch 8, 2016 There are two typical reactions whenever I introduce SAGA to someone for the first time:1. What’s the deal with your name?2. Oh…..tutoring…. And I am not surprised—1 is weird and 2 comes with some serious baggage. In today’s post, we’ll take a closer look at…

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