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SAGA Innovations is a national nonprofit that partners with public school districts to provide underserved students with high-dosage in-school-day tutoring, at no cost to students or their families. SAGA is able to do this because of the passion and dedication of SAGA Fellows – full-time tutors who devote themselves to a service-year to build lasting relationships with students and their families. SAGA recruits highly talented recent college graduates, career changers or retirees–anyone dedicated to social justice and looking for a profound service experience in helping to dramatically transform the academic trajectory of students from high-need communities.

SAGA Fellows commit to a ten-month program of full-time tutoring at one of our locations in an urban school district.

Fellows come from all around United States.  Currently, all Fellows are required to have a 4-year college degree.


As a SAGA Fellow, you will:

  • Develop tutoring skills. You’ll receive in-depth training in tutoring  techniques and in managing student behavior, and you’ll receive constant daily feedback to help you improve as a tutor.
  • Tutor students. You’ll spend one school year working with the same caseload of students, serving as their mentor and helping them achieve  specific academic goals.
  • Build relationships. In addition to strong relationships with your  students, you’ll communicate regularly with their families to create the  most successful and supportive learning environment for your pupils.

While we are in the process of expanding nationally, we currently have programs in:

  • Chicago: We serve 20 high schools in Chicago: Amundsen High School, Bowen High School, Bogan High School, Chicago Vocational Academy, Corliss High School, Farragut High School, Foreman High School, Harlan High School, Julian High School, LEARN Charter School (2 campuses), Little Village High School (all 4 campuses), Philips Academy High School, Sullivan High School, Shurz High School , University of Chicago Charter High School and Mather High School.
  • New York City: We serve 5 schools in New York: Clinton High School (Bronx), The High School of Fashion Industries (Manhattan), Teller Middle School (Bronx, all 2 campuses), Lincoln High School (Coney Island)


  • Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in any subject – a degree in Math or  Education is not required.
  • Strong basic math skills at the high school level.
  • A passion for education and education reform.
  • Prior coaching, tutoring or teaching experience.
  • Previous volunteer experience with students.
  • Desire to improve and a hunger for feedback
  • Proficiency in Spanish is highly valued, but not required

Note: Teacher Certification is not required.

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