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Our Approach


“You’re really onto something here.”

– United States Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan


Each year, more than 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the U.S. These students are eight times more likely to end up in prison, and three times more likely to end up unemployed.1

Additionally, there is a wide disparity in student achievement between affluent students and at-risk students, as well as white students and students of color.

Many school districts, particularly in urban areas, are significantly underfunded and overwhelmed. With class sizes of 25 to 30, teachers understandably have trouble addressing the needs of the most struggling students.

That’s where SAGA comes in.


We transform students in the most underperforming school districts, helping them to accomplish dramatic growth in academic achievement.

Our approach is focused on:

  • Transforming students. Students receive personalized instruction in groups of two from professional Tutoring Fellows, for one class period every day for an  entire school year. In addition to academic instruction, our tutors mentor students  on the behaviors, skills, attitudes and strategies that are critical to academic  achievement.
  • Transforming families. By providing regular communication to parents about their  student’s progress, we transform families by bringing parents back into their  child’s educational journey.
  • Transforming education. Our tutors provide critical support to teachers on the  front lines of urban education by delivering intensive tutoring to their  worst-performing students.
  • Transforming our Tutoring Fellows. In the process of helping transform the lives of  14 students each year, their own lives are immeasurably changed and enriched. Our approach is currently focused on math instruction because students who fail Algebra are 75% more likely to drop out of high school.
1 Miller, T. (2011). “Partnering for Education Reform.” U.S. Department of Education. Accessed November 7, 2014.
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