SAGA Innovations

Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

To transform the lives of the students we serve by motivating them to generate new levels of effort, developing their academic and problem-solving skills, and building their confidence, through personalized instruction that secures strong relationships among student, tutor, school, and family.

Core Values

Mission Driven: Unwavering commitment to the success of the students we serve

Relationship Driven: Kids don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care

Results Driven: Consistently use data to guide instruction 

Growth Minded: Always hungry for feedback

Relentless: Unparalleled perseverance and resolve  

Collaborative: Work jointly to find creative solutions


Our philosophy of transforming the lives of young people:

SAGA 301: Student is motivated to pay it forward–inspiring his or her peers to excel in school. 

SAGA 201: Student learns the value of struggling academically, and is not embarrassed by failure or by mistakes. 

SAGA 101: Student succeeds academically. 

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